I Translate, I Transform was created by CSOFT International to celebrate linguists around the world during its 2015 Summit. As the world becomes more globalized, the language industry is taking center stage and linguists play a crucial role. Through their efforts, the art of translation is breaking down the barriers between nations, making our world smaller. At the same time, as linguists help to strengthen global connections, they also broaden our horizons. They introduce us to new ideas, new ways of communication and new ways of life. Linguists don’t merely translate materials; they transform the world by connecting people of many nations and empowering businesses to succeed globally. Join us as we celebrate the art of translation.

I Translate Competition

Linguists are taking center stage by enabling cross language communications in an increasingly globalized world. We are thrilled to launch the third I Translate Competition. Take part of it for a chance to win an Amazon Fire tablet, just complete the sentence: "It's more than just translation, it's..." Please check out the I Translate Competition site for further details.