Frequently asked questions for Customers

Get answers to common questions about how to obtain quality human translation with Stepes.

Who is a globalizer?

You are a globalizer.

From the first moment you prioritized sending your content across borders, you chose to break down the barriers to globalization and became a globalizer.

Customers understand the importance of entering global markets, recognize the need to eliminate a one-size-fits-all approach and appreciate that it all begins with communication.

Every form of communication shapes your reputation and that’s why when it comes to translating your content, you as a globalizer have come to the right place. Take your next STEPES forward now.

How does the translation process work?

We’ve tried our best to make the translation process as straight forward as possible. It just takes a few clicks to upload your document or input text, get an instant quote, and order a translation via the website or mobile apps

Your project is sent out instantly to one of our translators with a matched industry and language specific skillset who starts work on it right away. You’ll be able to monitor the progress before downloading your completed files ready for international distribution. Simple.

What job types and formats to you provide?

Currently we offer Word, PPT or XML. We are looking to expand to include the translation of multimedia, graphic and mobile formats in the near future.

How fast will I receive my translations?

We understand the importance of ensuring your content makes it to market on time so once you upload your document you will get an estimated delivery day depending on the length of the content.

Through leveraging on our extensive translator network via Termwiki and its established translation memory we can ensure your content is translated with speed as well as quality.

Is the service secured?

Whilst dealing with official documents, translators can often come across information of a private nature. Here at Stepes we guarantee your projects submitted for translation are only ever viewed only the translator and proofreader, all of whom are bound by a non-disclosure agreement.

Why isn’t my language pairing available?

We currently translate in over 10,000 language pairings with projects being conducted by pre-certified translators. We are always looking to expand our translator network so as more linguists become certified for Stepes, more language pairings are likely to become available.

What If I’m not satisfied with the results?

Here at Stepes, we value all your feedback regarding our translators and your content. Our translation procedure aims to guarantee satisfaction by allowing you to review your project and ask for improvements before the translator is paid. In the rare case that you are still not satisfied with your results we will reallocate your project to another translator free of charge.

I like this translator! Can I use them again?

Once you have approved your first translation you will be encouraged to leave feedback. Leaving feedback not only ensures the translator is recognized for their work, but gives you the opportunity to set them as preferred translator with priority access to future work you need translating within the same language and industry field.

How do you guarantee quality?

To ensure accuracy and validity, all our translators here at Stepes are screened and pre-approved to ensure they are knowledgeable in both the language and subject area of the translation. We follow up every translation with feedback to pledge that only the best translators represent Stepes.

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