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Tashkent, Uzbekistan

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Terms and text shown below represent Tulkin’s contributions to TermWiki.com, a free terminology website and knowledge resource for the translation community.

English (EN)daughter isotope

In a nuclear equation the compound remaining after the parent isotope (the original isotope) has undergone decay. A compound undergoing decay, such as alpha decay, will break into an alpha particle and a daughter isotope.

Uzbek (UZ)qiz izotop

Yadro reaksiyalarida ona izotopning (original izotop) parchalanishidan keyin qolgan izotop. Aralashma, alfa parchalanish kabi bir alfa zarracha va bir qiz izotop hosil qilib parchalanishi.

Chemistry; General chemistry

English (EN)equilibrium

When the reactants and products are in a constant ratio. The forward reaction and the reverse reactions occur at the same rate when a system is in equilibrium.

Uzbek (UZ)muvozanat

Reaktivlar va mahsulotlar doimiy nisbatda bo'lgan holat. Tizim muvozanat holatda bo'lganda to'g'ri va teskari reaksiya tezliklari o'zaro teng bo'ladi.

Chemistry; General chemistry

English (EN)mixture

Composed of two or more substances, but each keeps its original properties.

Uzbek (UZ)aralashma

Ikki yoki undan ortiq moddalardan tashkil topadi va bunda har bir modda asl xususiyatlarini saqlab qoladi.

Chemistry; General chemistry

English (EN)limiting reagent

limiting reactant. -The reactant will have to be exhausted first. (reactant/reagent)

Uzbek (UZ)cheklovchi reagent

Reaktantlar birinchi o'rinda sarf bo'lishlari lozim. (reaktant/reagent)

Chemistry; General chemistry

English (EN)molecule

The smallest particle of an element or compound that retains the chemical properties of the element or compound. A molecule is a collection of chemically bound atoms with characteristic composition and structure. Making or breaking bonds in a molecule ...

Uzbek (UZ)molekula

Element yoki aralashmaning barcha xususiyatlarini o'zida tutuvchi, element yoki aralashmaning eng kichik zarrachasi. Molekula xarakterli tarkib va tuzilishga ega, kimyoviy bog'langan atomlar yig'indisidir. Molekulada bog'lar hosil bo'lishi yoki uzilishi yangi ...

Chemistry; General chemistry

English (EN)oxoacid

When one or more hydroxide (OH) groups are bonded to a central atom.

Uzbek (UZ)asoslar

Bir yoki bir necha OH guruhlarning markaziy atomga bog'langan holati.

Chemistry; General chemistry

English (EN)closure

A mathematical term which says that if you operated on any two real numbers A and B with +, -, * or /, you get a real number.

Uzbek (UZ)Modul

Mazkur matematik atama musbat sonning moduli shu sonning o'ziga tengligini, manfiy sonning moduli unga qarama-qarshi musbat songa tengligini ko'rsatadi.

Chemistry; General chemistry

English (EN)parent isotope

parent isotope-Or parental isotope, is an element undergoing a nuclear decay, or destruction

Uzbek (UZ)ota-ona izotop

Yadroviy parchalanishga yoki bo'linishga uchraydigan izotop.

Chemistry; General chemistry

English (EN)physical property

A property that can be measured without changing the chemical composition of a substance.

Uzbek (UZ)fizik xususiyat

Bir moddaning kimyoviy tarkibini o'zgartirmagan holda o'lchanishi mumkin bo'lgan xususiyati.

Chemistry; General chemistry

English (EN)substitution

A reaction in which an atom or fragment within a molecule is replaced with another.

Uzbek (UZ)almashinish

Molekuladagi atom yoki bir qism boshqa molekulaning atom yoki qismi bilan almashinishi reaksiyasi.

Chemistry; General chemistry