Alicia Moreno

Mataro, Spain

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Terms and text shown below represent Alicia’s contributions to TermWiki.com, a free terminology website and knowledge resource for the translation community.

English (EN)bling-bling

Generally referring to expensive and flashy jewelry made from silver, platinum, gold and/or diamonds, the word can also cover extremely expensive clothes, cars and general life-style. "Amy’s blinging it!"

Catalan (CA)bling-bling

Generalment es refereix a joies cares i cridaneres fetes de plata, platí, i/o diamants, la paraula també pot referir-se a roba molt cara, cars i estil de vida general. "Blinging de Amy-lo!" per exemple, es fa servir com a verb per explicar la manera d'actuar ...

Language; Slang

English (EN)fulbright award

The Fulbright Award is a scholarship awarded as part of the Fulbright Program to foster international research and collaboration.

Catalan (CA)Premi Fulbright

El premi Fullbright és una beca premiada com a part del programa Fullbright per fomentar la investigació i col.laboració internacional.

Education; Schools

English (EN)levelling

The disappearance of contrasts — usually phonological or morphological — in the course of a language’s development.

Catalan (CA)anivellament

La desaparició de contrastos — normalment fonològic o morfològic — en curs del desenvolupament d'una llengua.

Language; Terminology

English (EN)phonemics

The study of phonemes in language, their distribution, status and interrelationshipsThe study of phonemes in language, their distribution, status and interrelationships.

Catalan (CA)phonemics

L'estudi dels fonemes en la llengua, la seva distribució, l'estat i interrelacions.

Language; Terminology

English (EN)optional

A term which refers to allophonic processes which do not necessarily have to be carried out by the shortening of high vowels before nasals.

Catalan (CA)opcional

Un terme que al·ludeix a processos al.lophonics que no necessàriament han de ser realitzats per l'escurçament de vocals altes abans de les nasals.

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