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dziugi’s Selected Translation Work

Terms and text shown below represent dziugi’s contributions to TermWiki.com, a free terminology website and knowledge resource for the translation community.

English (EN)infiltration

the diffusion or accumulation in a tissue or cells of substances not normal to it or in amounts of the normal. Also, the material so accumulated.

Lithuanian (LT)infiltracija

Air flow into a space usually through walls and leaks around doors and windows.

Household appliances; Air conditioners

English (EN)design

The arrangement of the design elements to create a single effect. The organization or composition of a work; the skilled arrangement of its parts. An effective design is one in which the elements of art and principles of design have been combined to achieve ...

Lithuanian (LT)dizainas

Dizaino elementų išdėstymas sukurti bendrą poveikį. Organizacija arba sudėties darbo; kvalifikacijos susitarimas iš jos dalių. Efektyvaus projekto yra viena, kurioje meno elementai ir principai dizainas buvo sujungtos pasiekti bendrą vienybės ...

Arts & crafts; Fine art

English (EN)sediment

a precipitate, especially one that is formed spontaneously.

Lithuanian (LT)nuosėdos

Topsoil, sand, and minerals washed from the land into water, usually after rain or snow melt.

Agricultural chemicals; Pesticides

English (EN)energy

The ability to bring about changes or to do work.

Lithuanian (LT)energija

Galimybę pareikšti apie pakeitimus ar atlikti darbą.

Biology; General

English (EN)The Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa is widely recognized as one of the most famous paintings in the history of art. It is a half-length portrait of a seated woman painted in oil by Leonardo da Vinci during the Renaissance in Florence, Italy. The work is currently owned by the ...

Lithuanian (LT)Mona Liza

Mona Liza yra plačiai pripažįstamas kaip vienas iš labiausiai žinomų paveikslų, meno istorija. Tai yra half-length portretas sėdi moteris dažytos aliejuje Leonardo da Vinci Renesanso laikais į Florencija, Italija. Darbo šiuo metu valdo Prancūzijos vyriausybė ...

Arts & crafts; Oil painting

English (EN)Scorpio

The eighth astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation of Scorpius. Scorpio is considered a feminine, negative (introverted) sign by most modern astrologists. It is also considered a water sign and one of the four fixed signs. The ...

Lithuanian (LT)Skorpionas

Aštuntasis Zodiako ženklas Zodiako ženklas, iš Skorpiono žvaigždyne. Skorpionas yra moteriškas, neigiami (intravertiška) ženklas nagrinėja moderniausių astrologai. Taip pat manoma, vandens ženklas ir vienas iš keturių fiksuotų požymių. Planetos yra Skorpionas ...

Astrology; Zodiac

English (EN)fungicide

Pesticides which are used to control, deter, or destroy fungi.

Lithuanian (LT)fungicidas

Pesticidai, kurie yra naudojami siekiant kontroliuoti, sulaikyti, arba sunaikinti grybai.

Agricultural chemicals; Pesticides

English (EN)abdomen

The posterior (rear) of the two major divisions of the body of a spider.

Lithuanian (LT)pilvelis

Dviejų pagrindinių sektorių voras kūno užpakalinės (gale).

Animals; Spiders

English (EN)necrosis

the sum of the morphological changes indicative of cell death and caused by the progressive degradative action of enzymes; it may affect groups of cells or part of a structure or an organ.

Lithuanian (LT)nekrozė

Death of plant or animal cells or tissues. In plants, necrosis can discolor stems or leaves or kill a plant entirely.

Agricultural chemicals; Pesticides

English (EN)hydrolysis (niet: hydrolyse)

the splitting of a compound into fragments by the addition of water, the hydroxyl group being incorporated in one fragment, and the hydrogen atom in the other.

Lithuanian (LT)hidrolizė

The decomposition of organic compounds by interaction with water.

Agricultural chemicals; Pesticides