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Terms and text shown below represent dziugi’s contributions to TermWiki.com, a free terminology website and knowledge resource for the translation community.

English (EN)adsorption

the attachment of one substance to the surface of another; the concentration of a gas or a substance in solution in a liquid on a surface in contact with the gas or liquid, resulting in a relatively high concentration of the gas or solution at the surface. ...

Lithuanian (LT)adsorbcija

Removal of a pollutant from air or water by collecting the pollutant on the surface of a solid material; e.g., an advanced method of treating waste in which activated carbon removes organic matter from waste-water.

Agricultural chemicals; Pesticides

English (EN)suspension

1. a condition of temporary cessation, as of animation, of pain, or of any vital process. 2. a preparation of a finely divided drug intended to be incorporated in some suitable liquid vehicle before it is used, or already incorporated in such a vehicle.

Lithuanian (LT)sustabdymas

Suspending the use of a pesticide when EPA deems it necessary to prevent an imminent hazard resulting from its continued use. An emergency suspension takes effect immediately; under an ordinary suspension a registrant can request a hearing before the ...

Agricultural chemicals; Pesticides

English (EN)palp

A segmented leg-like structure arising on the maxilla or labium. Palps have a sensory function and play a major role in tasting food.

Lithuanian (LT)čiuptuvėlis

Segmentuoti kojų tipo struktūra dėl viršutinis žandikaulis arba lūpa. Palps jutimo funkciją ir vaidinti svarbų vaidmenį skonio maisto.

Animals; Insects

English (EN)artist

A practitioner in the arts, generally recognized as a professional by critics and peers.

Lithuanian (LT)menininkas

Meno, profesionalas iš kritikų ir bendraamžių pripažintas specialistas.

Arts & crafts; Fine art

English (EN)Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci is a master dabbled in many mediums such as painting, architecture, sculpture, and engineering. His best-known works include the Mona Lisa (1503-1506) and The Last Supper (1495). He was able to grasp not only the subject but also the ...

Lithuanian (LT)Leonardas da Vinčis

Leonardo da Vinci yra meistras dabbled į daug aplinkose, pavyzdžiui, tapybos, architektūros, skulptūros ir inžinerija. Jo žinomiausias darbai apima Mona Liza (1503-1506) ir Paskutinė vakarienė (1495). Jis turėjo galimybę suvokti ne tik tema, bet atmosfera ...

Arts & crafts; Oil painting

English (EN)new testament

The collection of books of the Gospels, Acts of the Apostles, the Pauline and other epistles, and Revelation.

Lithuanian (LT)naujasis testamentas

Kolekcija knygų evangelijose, apaštalų, kad Pauline ir kiti laiškai, ir Apreiškimo.

Religion; Christianity

English (EN)anaerobic

1. lacking molecular oxygen. 2. growing, living, or occurring in the absence of molecular oxygen; pertaining to an anaerobe.

Lithuanian (LT)anaerobinis

A life or process that occurs in, or is not destroyed by, the absence of oxygen.

Agricultural chemicals; Pesticides

English (EN)pumpkin pie

Pumpkin pie is often categorized as a "soft" pie because of its unbaked crust and uncooked filling. A pumpkin pie's filling generally consists of pumpkin puree, eggs, milk, sugar and spices.

Lithuanian (LT)moliūgų pyragas

Pumpkin pie is often categorized as a "soft" pie because of its unbaked crust and uncooked filling. A pumpkin pie's filling generally consists of pumpkin puree, eggs, milk, sugar and spices.

Baked goods; Pastries

English (EN)infiltration

the diffusion or accumulation in a tissue or cells of substances not normal to it or in amounts of the normal. Also, the material so accumulated.

Lithuanian (LT)infiltracija

Air flow into a space usually through walls and leaks around doors and windows.

Household appliances; Air conditioners

English (EN)news services

companies that specialize in producing and selling news reports to third parties

Lithuanian (LT)naujienų tarnybos

įmonių, kurios specializuojasi gamybos ir pardavimo naujienų pranešimus trečiosioms šalims

Broadcasting & receiving; News