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irenenarvaez’s Selected Translation Work

Terms and text shown below represent irenenarvaez’s contributions to TermWiki.com, a free terminology website and knowledge resource for the translation community.

English (EN)suite

A hotel room that is ranked by a property as a nicer class of room which also has more available amenities and space.

Spanish, Latin American (XL)suite

Habitación de hotel catalogada como un tipo de habitación más agradable, con más comodidades y espacio disponible.

Travel; Air travel

English (EN)published fare

A rate that is offered directly by the airlines. Generally these are the highest rates available.

Spanish, Latin American (XL)tarifa publicada

Tarifa publicada y ofrecida directamente por las compañías aéreas. Generalmente se trata de las tarifas más altas disponibles.

Travel; Air travel

English (EN)round trip

A flight to a single destination and a return.

Spanish, Latin American (XL)ida y vuelta

Vuelo de ida y vuelta a un destino en particular.

Travel; Air travel

English (EN)non-refundable

Generally used in reference to an airline ticket, that if canceled no money will be returned to the client.

Spanish, Latin American (XL)no reembolsable

Generalmente se refiere a la no devolución de dinero por un pasaje/billete de avión que se cancela.

Travel; Air travel

English (EN)bulk contract

An agreement whereby an airline sells large blocks of seats at a discount for resale by a third party.

Spanish, Latin American (XL)contrato al por mayor

Acuerdo mediante el cual una aerolínea vende grandes cantidades de asientos a precio descontado para su reventa por parte de terceros.

Travel; Air travel

English (EN)boarding pass

A receipt with a seat number, which is now issued only at check-in at the airport.

Spanish, Latin American (XL)pase de abordar

Recibo con un número de asiento, que se expide únicamente al momento de facturar en el aeropuerto.

Travel; Air travel

English (EN)wineries

an establishment at which wine is made—please not spelling mistake: an and not "na"

Spanish, Latin American (XL)bodegas

an establishment at which wine is made—please not spelling mistake: an and not "na"

Tourism & hospitality; Travel services

English (EN)standby

Waiting for a seat on a desired flight, and is usually a long and painful wait.

Spanish, Latin American (XL)en lista de espera

Una espera normalmente larga y molesta para lograr un asiento en el vuelo elegido.

Travel; Air travel

English (EN)of all stripes

of all sorts

Spanish, Latin American (XL)de todo tipo

of all sorts

Tourism & hospitality; Travel services

English (EN)wire mattress

an elastic bed bottom or mattress made of wires interwoven or looped together in various ways.

Spanish, Latin American (XL)cama con muelles

un soporte elástico, de cama o colchón, de alambres entretejidos o con bucles, de varias formas.

Travel; Cruise