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Terms and text shown below represent irenenarvaez’s contributions to TermWiki.com, a free terminology website and knowledge resource for the translation community.

English (EN)net rate

Refers to the fare that is offered to a customer after the commission has been applied.

Spanish, Latin American (XL)precio neto

Precio que se da al clientes después de haber aplicado la comisión.

Travel; Air travel

English (EN)of all stripes

of all sorts

Spanish, Latin American (XL)de todo tipo

of all sorts

Tourism & hospitality; Travel services

English (EN)fare basis

The code or codes on which the price of an airline ticket is based.

Spanish, Latin American (XL)tarifa base

Código o códigos en los que se basa el precio del pasaje/billete de avión.

Travel; Air travel

English (EN)cancellation penalty

A monetary penalty that a company will apply to its clients when they (the clients) decide to cancel an already confirmed and paid for booking.

Spanish, Latin American (XL)penalización por cancelación

Sanción monetaria que una empresa aplica a sus clientes cuando éstos deciden cancelar una vez confirmada y pagada la reserva.

Travel; Air travel

English (EN)lowest available fare

The current lowest airfare that is available for purchase at that moment.

Spanish, Latin American (XL)tarifa más baja disponible

La tarifa aérea más baja disponible para comprar en el momento.

Travel; Air travel

English (EN)bulk fare

A fare only available when buying blocks of airline seats.

Spanish, Latin American (XL)tarifa al por mayor

Tarifa que sólo está disponible para la compra en bloques de asientos de avión.

Travel; Air travel

English (EN)business class

A relatively new class of airline service, located between coach and first class, that was created to appeal to the business traveler. The amenities provided in business class vary from carrier to carrier.

Spanish, Latin American (XL)clase de negocios

Un nuevo servicio de las aerolíneas, relativamente nuevo, ubicado entre primera clase y clase económica, creado para atraer al pasajero en viajes de negocios. Los servicios de la clase de negocios varían según la aerolínea.

Travel; Air travel

English (EN)blackout dates

Are a date or a series of dates where travel at a particular rate is not available. Can be used for airline tickets, car rentals, and/or hotels.

Spanish, Latin American (XL)fechas no permitidas

Fecha o serie de fechas en las no se puede aplicar una tarifa en particular para viajar. Se aplica a los pasajes/billetes de avión, alquiler de carros/coches, y / o hoteles.

Travel; Air travel

English (EN)three star hotel

Middle class hotels; moderately priced; has daily maid service, room service, and may have dry-cleaning, Internet access, and a swimming pool.

Spanish, Latin American (XL)hotel de tres estrellas

Hoteles de clase media, de precio moderado que cuentan con servicio diario de limpieza, servicio de habitaciones, tintorería, acceso a Internet y disponen de piscina.

Travel; Hotels

English (EN)lodge

a large house or hotel; v. to provide temporary accomodation

Spanish, Latin American (XL)Hospedaje

a large house or hotel; v. to provide temporary accomodation

Tourism & hospitality; Travel services