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Terms and text shown below represent Young’s contributions to TermWiki.com, a free terminology website and knowledge resource for the translation community.

English (EN)work placement

Placing students in specific jobs or positions of employment to gain work-related knowledge, experience and skills outside traditional institutions of education.

Korean (KO)작업 배치

일 관련 지식이나 기술 습득을 위해 학생을 전통 교육기관 밖의 특정 직업이나 고용장에 배치하는 것

Education; Teaching

English (EN)mission statement

Statement articulation the primary aims of a group or institution.

Korean (KO)사명

집단 또는 기관의 주요 목표를 구체적으로 밝힌 문구

Education; Teaching

English (EN)work load

The amount of work assigned to a person during a specific time period.

Korean (KO)업무량

일정 시간동안 한사람이 해야하는 업무량

Education; Teaching

English (EN)handout

Typically a sheet provided to all members of group that contains vital information, a task to be completed, or other guidelines for an assignment.

Korean (KO)유인물

일반적으로 모든 구성원에게 주는 중요한 정보, 완성할 과제 또는 숙제의 지시사항을 적은 설명서

Education; Teaching

English (EN)defalcate

To cut off or take away, as a part of something.

Korean (KO)횡령하다

공금 또는 위탁금의 일부를 유용하거나 빼돌리다.

Education; SAT vocabulary

English (EN)norm referencing

Assessment based on a comparison of raw scores from a given assignment; opposed to criterion referencing.

Korean (KO)표준 참조

주어진 과제를 원점수를 비교하여 평가방법; 목표 지향과 상반된 개념

Education; Teaching

English (EN)surface learning

Learning that emphasizes the memorization of details (rote learning); contrast with deep learning.

Korean (KO)표면 학습

심화 학습과 상반된 것으로, 세부 사항을 암기하여 학습하도록 함 (암기 학습)

Education; Teaching

English (EN)fluency

Ability to read text or converse with others accurately and quickly.

Korean (KO)유창성

정확하고 빠르게 읽거나 다른 사람과의 이야기 할 수 있는 능력

Education; Teaching

English (EN)time-constrained assessment

Assessment based on an assignment that must be completed in a specified and limited amount of time, e.g. A timed examination.

Korean (KO)시간 제한 평가

특정 또는 제한된 시간내에 과제를 완성해야하는 평가 (예: 시간 제한된 시험)

Education; Teaching

English (EN)strategic learning

Learning methodology in which learners adapt their learning style to fit the needs of the assigned task.

Korean (KO)전략 학습

주어진 과제를 풀기 위해 학습자의 학습 스타일을 적용하여 고안한 학습 방법

Education; Teaching