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Terms and text shown below represent zhuzhu930’s contributions to TermWiki.com, a free terminology website and knowledge resource for the translation community.

English (EN)conversion costs

The costs required to convert raw materials into finished product; including direct labor and overhead

Chinese, Simplified (ZS)转换成本


Accounting; Tax

English (EN)contingent payments

Payments where the amount and/or timing is dependent on other events, usually the income from the property

Chinese, Simplified (ZS)或有支付


Accounting; Tax

English (EN)cost method

An appraisal method that values a property based on the cost to reproduce it today That amount is usually adjusted for depreciation

Chinese, Simplified (ZS)成本法


Accounting; Tax

English (EN)conventional loan

A mortgage loan that is not backed by insurance from a government agency or other source

Chinese, Simplified (ZS)常规贷款


Accounting; Tax

English (EN)contingent interest

Income from a note that is at least partially based on the income from the property This is common in financing commercial real estate For example, Fred loans Madison $1 million at 8% The terms also require the payment of 3% of the cash flow from the ...

Chinese, Simplified (ZS)或有利息

一种票据收入,至少部分源于不动产收入,常见于商业房地产融资。例如:Fred向Madison贷款100万美元,贷款利率为8%。协议条款规定,若当年房产现金流超过75万美元,则还需缴纳现金流总额3%的利息。 ...

Accounting; Tax

English (EN)contributory negligence

A defense argument that the plaintiff did not exercise sufficient care and that this contributed to his injury

Chinese, Simplified (ZS)过失相抵


Accounting; Tax

English (EN)convenience of termination clause

A contract clause that permits the party to terminate, at its own discretion

Chinese, Simplified (ZS)便利终止条款


Accounting; Tax

English (EN)contra account

An asset account that normally has a credit balance The contra account is used to offset a related account The approach is used so that the regular asset account is shown at the original or undiminished value For example, accounts receivable has a contra ...

Chinese, Simplified (ZS)对销账户,对消科目

一种通常为贷方余额的资产账户,用以抵消相关科目,以确保普通资产账户显示原账面价值或未减值账面价值。例如,应收账款科目的对销账户为呆账备抵或呆账准备金;固定资产的对销账户为累计折旧。 ...

Accounting; Tax

English (EN)contract interest rate

The stated, or nominal, interest rate in a contract

Chinese, Simplified (ZS)约定利率


Accounting; Tax

English (EN)convertible term

Term life insurance which is convertible into whole life without showing insurability

Chinese, Simplified (ZS)可转换条款


Accounting; Tax