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Alexandra’s Selected Translation Work

Terms and text shown below represent Alexandra’s contributions to TermWiki.com, a free terminology website and knowledge resource for the translation community.

English (EN)dividend

A payment of income by a company to its shareholders.

Spanish, Latin American (XL)dividendo

El pago de la renta de una empresa a sus accionistas.

Economy; Economics

English (EN)contempt of court

Consious disobedience of the judicial process, e.g. not appearing as a witness when called and without informing the court.

Spanish, Latin American (XL)desacato al tribunal

Desobediencia conciente del proceso judicial, por ejemplo, no aparecer como testigo cuando se le llama y sin informar a la corte.

Legal services; Legal aid (criminal)

English (EN)cougar

a woman who chooses relationships with younger men.

Spanish, Latin American (XL)puma

una mujer que elige las relaciones con hombres más jóvenes.

Miscellaneous; Nouns

English (EN)co-respondent

co-respondent -in divorce claims, the third party of committing adultery

French (FR)co-intimé

coïntimée-dans les demandes de divorce, le tiers de commettre l'adultère

Legal services; Family & divorce

English (EN)economic theory

It provides an outlet for research in all areas of economics based on rigorous theoretical reasoning and on topics in mathematics that are supported by the analysis of economic problems.

Spanish, Latin American (XL)la teoría económica

Proporciona una salida para la investigación en todas las áreas de la economía basada en el razonamiento teórico riguroso y sobre temas de matemáticas que se apoyan en el análisis de los problemas económicos.

Economy; Economics

English (EN)International Union

A union with members in both the United States and Canada.

Spanish, Latin American (XL)Sindicato internacional

Un sindicato con miembros tanto en los Estados Unidos como en Canadá.

Labor; Labor relations

English (EN)real property

real estate-land owned, immobile property, peace of earth, including, thus land and everything affixed to it

Spanish, Latin American (XL)bienes inmuebles

real estate-land owned, immobile property, peace of earth, including, thus land and everything affixed to it

Legal services; Real estate & residential

English (EN)award

Amount of damages to be paid as decided by a court or arbitrator.

French (FR)Prix

Montant des dommages à payer tel que décidé par un tribunal ou un arbitre.

Legal services; Personal injury

English (EN)production

The act of supplying a desired output.

Spanish, Latin American (XL)producción

El acto de suministrar un producto deseado.

Economy; Economics

English (EN)dugout

A covered hole, dug to provide shelter.

Spanish, Latin American (XL)refugio subterráneo

Un agujero cubierto, excavados para proporcionar refugio.

Miscellaneous; Nouns