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Terms and text shown below represent Alexandra’s contributions to TermWiki.com, a free terminology website and knowledge resource for the translation community.

English (EN)hard currency

A currency which is convertible to other currencies, and whose price in terms of other currencies is expected to remain stable or rise.

Spanish, Latin American (XL)divisa fuerte

Una moneda que es convertible a otras monedas, y cuyo precio en términos de otras monedas se espera que permanezca estable o aumentar.


English (EN)Round Spoon

A stainless steel spoon with rounded base to help in lifting off gravy or other moist preparations.

Spanish, Latin American (XL)Cuchara redonda

Una cuchara de acero inoxidable con base redondeada para ayudar en el levantamiento de la salsa u otros preparados húmedos.

Kitchen & dining; Cooking tools

English (EN)advocate

The lawyer who represents as party in court, either a barrister or solicitor.

Spanish, Latin American (XL)abogado

El abogado que representa a una persona en la corte, puede ser un abogado del tribunal o de un municipio.

Legal services; Legal aid (criminal)

English (EN)duct

Enclosed passage or channel.

Spanish, Latin American (XL)conducto

Paso cerrado o canal.

Miscellaneous; Nouns

English (EN)barrister

Lawyer qualified to represent clients in all courts. A member of the bar.

Spanish, Latin American (XL)Abogado

Abogado calificado para representar a clientes en toda clase de corte.

Legal services; Legal aid (criminal)

English (EN)estate

All the property left by the deceased. After being used to pay debts, this property is distributed to those entitled under the will.

French (FR)immobilier

Une propriété d'une personne, les droits et obligations.

Legal services; Wills & probate

English (EN)bequest

The stipulation in a will to leave a certain amount of money or a percentage of the entire estate to an individual or organization.

Spanish, Latin American (XL)legado

La estipulación de una voluntad de dejar una cierta cantidad de dinero o un porcentaje de la totalidad del patrimonio de una persona u organización.

Legal services; Wills & probate

English (EN)defendant

The individual who has a claim against him, or is standing trial for a crime.

French (FR)défendeur

L'individu qui a une réclamation contre lui, ou est poursuivi pour un crime.

Legal services; Legal aid (criminal)

English (EN)contempt of court

Consious disobedience of the judicial process, e.g. not appearing as a witness when called and without informing the court.

French (FR)outrage au tribunal

La désobéissance consious du processus judiciaire, par exemple, ne pas comparaître comme témoin lorsqu'il est appelé et sans en informer le tribunal.

Legal services; Legal aid (criminal)

English (EN)intestate

If a person dies without leaving a valid will, and the total value of his estate exceeds his debts and funeral expenses.

Spanish, Latin American (XL)intestado

Si una persona muere sin dejar un testamento válido, y el valor total de su patrimonio supera sus deudas y los gastos del funeral.

Legal services; Wills & probate