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Terms and text shown below represent Francisca’s contributions to TermWiki.com, a free terminology website and knowledge resource for the translation community.

English (EN)electron

A subatomic particle with a net charge that is negative.

Spanish, Latin American (XL)electrón

Una de las partes del átomo que tiene una carga negativa. Partícula indivisible con una carga de -1.

Chemistry; General chemistry

English (EN)vaulted skylight

A curved skylight, made of glass panels.

Spanish, Latin American (XL)tragaluz abovedado

Tragaluz curvado, fabricado de paneles de vidrio.

Architecture; Architecture contemporaine

English (EN)solvency

Having sufficient assets--capital, surplus, reserves--and being able to satisfy financial requirements--investments, annual reports, examinations--to be eligible to transact insurance business and meet liabilities.

Spanish, Latin American (XL)solvencia

Tener activos suficientes: capital, superávit, reservas; y poder satisfacer necesidades financieras: inversiones, reportes anuales, revisiones; reunir los requisitos necesarios para negociar seguros de empresas y cumplir con las responsabilidades ...

Insurance; Life insurance

English (EN)digital

A data technology that uses discrete (discontinuous) values.

Spanish, Latin American (XL)digital

Tecnología de datos que usa valores específicos (discontinuos).

Broadcasting & receiving; Radio & TV broadcasting equipment

English (EN)potable water

Water that is safe for drinking and cooking.

Spanish, Latin American (XL)agua potable

Agua segura para beber y cocinar.

Agricultural chemicals; Pesticides

English (EN)plutonium

A radioactive metallic element chemically similar to uranium.

Spanish, Latin American (XL)plutonio

Elemento metálico radioactivo químicamente similar al uranio.

Agricultural chemicals; Pesticides

English (EN)comparative advantage

Occurs when one country or company can produce at a lower opportunity cost than another.

Spanish, Latin American (XL)ventaja comparativa

Ocurre cuando un país o una empresa puede producir a un costo de oportunidad más bajo que otro.

Business services; Marketing

English (EN)lifestyle

The way in which a person lives, identified by his activities, interests and opinions.

Spanish, Latin American (XL)estilo de vida

Forma en que vive una persona, identificada por sus actividades, intereses y opiniones.

Advertising; Marketing communications

English (EN)regression analysis

A statistical method of determining the relationship of one or more independent variables and a dependent variable.

Spanish, Latin American (XL)análisis de regresión

Método estadístico de determinar la relación de una o más variables independientes u una variable dependiente.

Business services; Marketing

English (EN)bagel

A doughnut-shaped chewy bread, commonly used as sandwich bread or as a breakfast item, consumed plain or with cream cheese, butter, or jams. This type of dense bread results from being boiled before baked.

Spanish, Latin American (XL)bagel

Pan comestible en forma de dona, que se usa comúnmente como pan para emparedado o como alimento para el desayuno. Se consume solo o con queso crema, mantequilla o mermeladas. Este tipo de pan espeso resulta tras ser cocido antes de hornearse.

Baked goods; Bread