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Terms and text shown below represent Siaoning’s contributions to TermWiki.com, a free terminology website and knowledge resource for the translation community.

English (EN)merz

Nonsense word invented by the German Dada artist Kurt Schwitters to describe his collage and assemblage works based on scavenged scrap materials. He made large numbers of small collages, and more substantial assemblages, in this medium. He is said to have ...

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)梅爾茨

荒謬的詞由德國達達演出者庫爾特 · 舒維特來描述他的拼貼和組合的作品,基於發明清理報廢材料。他做了大量的小貼畫和更大的組合,在此介質中。據說,他已經從名稱出現在一張紙在他拼貼畫之一的本銀行提取 Merz 一詞。舒維特創辦 Dada 集團在哪裡,他根據從 1919 年的漢諾威。那裡他創造了他第一次 Merzbau (Merz 大廈)。這是他自己的房子,他充滿了大約四十 '石窟' — — 建築實際附加到大廈和甚至擴及透過窗戶的室內裝飾織物。在 1937 年他的工作已列入退化藝術展覽後他逃離德國為挪威。那裡他創建第二個 ...

Art history; General art history

English (EN)renaissance

One of the most fraught and debated terms in art history, this generally refers to the revival of arts and letters inspired by classical roman and greek models in western europe from the fourteenth to the sixteenth centuries; more generally, it may refer to ...

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)文藝復興

在藝術史上,最令人擔憂和爭議條款之一這一般是指藝術和文學靈感古典羅馬和希臘模型在西歐復興從十四到十六世紀;更一般地說,它可以指任何以往風格或文化的復興。文藝復興時期是一個一般術語為中世紀至巴羅克式期間。現在歐洲的歷史學家往往避免這個詞,描述作為早期現代歐洲這一時期。 ...

Art history; Visual arts

English (EN)American Social Realist photography

During America's Great Depression of the 1930s and 1940s, photographers were employed by the Farm Security Administration (FSA) to document the rural poverty and exploitation of sharecroppers and migrant labourers in an attempt to garner support for President ...

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)美國社會現實主義攝影

在 1930 年代和 1940 年代的美國大蕭條期間攝影師被雇用的農場安全管理 (FSA),試圖爭取支援總統佛蘭克林 · 羅斯福新政中的文檔的農村貧困和剝削的佃農和民工。照片分發了免費向全國各地的報紙和帶來的困境流離失所農業社區公眾的注意。最著名的圖像作了桃樂西婭蘭格和沃克 · 埃文斯,其黑白劇照忍饑挨餓的水果採摘工人在加利福尼亞州的成為了大蕭條的標誌性符號。 ...

Art history; General art history

English (EN)silk screen

 A form of decoration where the colour paste is forced thro a decorative patterned screen either directly onto the ware or a transfer paper.

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)絲網


Arts & crafts; Ceramics

English (EN)imago

In ancient rome, a wax portrait of an ancestor; in psychoanalysis, the subjective, subconsciously formed idea or image of someone that continues to influence one’s feelings, attitudes and behavior.

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)無意識的意象

在古代羅馬,蠟肖像的祖先 ;在精神分析主觀,下意識地或形成的想法的人繼續影響一個人的情感、 態度和行為的圖像。

Art history; Visual arts

English (EN)labyrinth

A structure of one or many interconnecting passages; more generally, a complex construction; similar to a maze, though the latter include blind passages without issue, whereas labrynths have only one passage and end. The most famous labrynth was that designed ...

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)迷宮

一種結構的一個或多互連通道 ;更一般地說,複雜的建築 ;類似于迷宮,雖然後者包括盲人通道沒有問題,而 labrynths 只有一個段落和結尾。最著名的 labrynth 是設計和建造 (mythically) 的 daedulus 在克里特島家牛頭怪。希羅多德在他的歷史比較上文湖 moeris 在向金字塔在埃及勻的巨大迷宮。迷宮通常所說的馬賽克中的哥特式大教堂,地板和定期正規花園在西方傳統中的功能。 ...

Art history; Visual arts

English (EN)Camden Town Group

British Post-Impressionist group founded by Sickert in London in 1911. Other members were Bevan, Gore, Gilman, Ginner. Painted realist scenes of city life and some landscape in a range of Post-Impressionist styles. Named after the seedy district of north ...

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)康登區繪畫

由 Sickert 在倫敦創立于 1911 年的英國 Post-Impressionist 集團。其他成員是貝文、 戈爾、 吉爾曼、 Ginner。繪了城市生活的寫實場景和一些景觀的範圍的 Post-Impressionist 樣式。命名的衣衫區的北倫敦在 19 世紀 90 年代,再從 1907 年 Sickert 曾住在哪裡。他的卡姆登鎮裸體的系列和他的畫被疏遠夫婦在內飾如倦怠,卡姆登鎮藝術作出的傑出貢獻。 ...

Art history; General art history

English (EN)empiricism

The philosophical stance that all human concepts and knowledge are derived ultimately from sense experience.

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)經驗主義


Art history; Visual arts

English (EN)tactical media

Refers to a re-awakening of social, political and media activism brought on by access to cheap forms of communication, in particular, the Internet (see Net art). The phrase is thought to have come from the French philosopher Michel de Certeau, who suggested ...

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)策略媒體

指的是重新覺醒的社會、 政治和媒體行動主義帶來的廉價通信形式,特別是訪問互聯網 (請參閱網藝術)。一語被認為有來自法國的哲學家蜜雪兒 · 德著述,建議在他 1974年的雜文 '實踐的日常生活' 作為消費者,可以說是在我們的社會範圍內的生產者,它是我們最後會破壞他們的創意方式滲透權力結構的人。行動包括 Flash 暴民事件,數百人在指定地點降落在特定的時間,聰明操縱應用程式和流氓網站冒充官方域的資金。像關鍵藝術團列印手冊如何侵入分類的網站和年度自發布事件發佈和該死的群體促進焦躁、 小說和漫畫繞過通常的正式管道。 ...

Art history; General art history

English (EN)conversation piece

Informal group portrait, usually small in scale, showing people, often families, sometimes groups of friends, in domestic interior or garden settings. Sitters are shown interacting with each other or with pets, taking tea, playing games. Contrast with court ...

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)人物風俗畫; 十八世紀流行於英國的家庭成員群像畫

非正式小組畫像,通常很小的規模,在國內室內或花園設置顯示人,往往是家庭,有時團體的朋友。保姆顯示交互與對方或寵物,喝杯茶,玩遊戲。與法院或盛大樣式肖像相反。看來已十八世紀初要滿足的需求從新的中產階層,雖然也得到了貴族和皇家贊助人。大概介紹了在英國的塞爾約 1725年、 通俗化的霍加斯,然後德維斯和變得非常時髦與佐法尼。 ...

Art history; General art history