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Terms and text shown below represent Shin-Ru’s contributions to TermWiki.com, a free terminology website and knowledge resource for the translation community.

English (EN)intercultural competence

Intercultural competence is the ability of successful communication with people of other cultures.

Chinese, Simplified (ZS)跨文化交际能力


Sociology; Social media

English (EN)pan-broil

To cook a food, especially meat, in a skillet without added fat, removing any fat as it accumulates.

Chinese, Simplified (ZS)锅烤


Culinary arts; Cooking

English (EN)pepsin

An enzyme in the stomach that breaks down proteins, such as those found in meat, cheese, and seeds during digestion.

Chinese, Simplified (ZS)胃蛋白酶

在胃里分解蛋白质的一种酶,可在消化那些肉、 乳酪和种子的过程中被发现。

Anatomy; Digestive

English (EN)large intestine

Comes after the small intestine. Large because it is wider than the small intestine.

Chinese, Simplified (ZS)大肠


Anatomy; Human body

English (EN)capital

An amount of finance provided to enable a business to acquire assets and sustain its operations.

Chinese, Simplified (ZS)资本


Accounting; General accounting

English (EN)Napoleon

The Napoleon is a breed of dwarf cat that is named after Napoleon. It is a short-legged cat that is closely related to the Munchkin.

Chinese, Simplified (ZS)拿破仑


Animals; Cats

English (EN)Sherry

A fortified wine that ranges from dry to sweet, and light to dark. Sherry can be enjoyed as a predinner or after-dinner drink, and it is also used in cooking.

Chinese, Simplified (ZS)雪利酒


Culinary arts; Cooking

English (EN)Tin-plate

A core metal, usually steel, covered with tin on all sides. Highly-resistant to denting and scratching, this material often is used in bakeware.

Chinese, Simplified (ZS)镀锡板


Kitchen & dining; Cooking tools

English (EN)biopsy

Removal and analysis of a tissue sample.

Chinese, Simplified (ZS)活检


Health care; Heart disease

English (EN)skimming

using a machine to remove oil or scum from the surface of the water.

Chinese, Simplified (ZS)撇取浮沫


Natural environment; Water