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Terms and text shown below represent Shin-Ru’s contributions to TermWiki.com, a free terminology website and knowledge resource for the translation community.

English (EN)manual rating

A rating method under which a health plan uses the plan's average experience with all groups - and sometimes the experience of other health plans - rather than a particular group's experience to calculate the group's premium. An MCO often lists manual rates ...

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)規章費率法

評級方法,即把一個健康計劃使用計劃的所有群體的平均經驗 - 有時其他健康計劃的經驗 - 而不是某一特定群體的經驗來計算該組的溢價。 一個MCO經常列出承銷或評級手動手動率。

Health care; General

English (EN)Jackie Robinson

The first black baseball player to play in the American major leagues during the 20th century. On April 15, 1947, Robinson broke the decades-old colour bar of Major League Baseball when he appeared on the field for the National League Brooklyn Dodgers. He ...

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)傑基·羅賓森

第一位黑人棒球選手在20世紀在美國大聯盟打球。 4月15日,1947年,羅賓遜打破了美國職棒大聯盟的幾十年歷史的彩條,當他出現在現場為全國聯賽布魯克林道奇隊。 他使​​用了通過1956年的內野手及外野手為道奇隊從1947年。 ...

People; Sportspeople

English (EN)sphere

A part of your prescription. The sphere number denotes the strength of the lens in diopters.

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)球(體)

處方的一部分。 球體數字表示以屈光度的透鏡的強度。

Eyewear; Glasses

English (EN)decreasing function

A function such that for any numbers a and b in the domain. if a > b. then f(a) < f(b).

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)遞減函數

的函數,使得對於任何數字a和b中的域。 如果A> B。則f(一)

Mathematics; Algebra

English (EN)tort reform

Efforts to change the procedural or substantive rules for malpractice claims in the judicial system. Examples include reductions in statutes of limitations, mandatory offsets for collateral sources of payment, caps on non-economic damages, periodic payments ...

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)侵權法改革

努力改變程序或實質規則在司法系統中的醫療事故索賠。 例子包括減少限制,強制性補償支付的抵押品來源,對非經濟損失,大的獎項定期付款,並在律師按判決金額收費上限的限制法規。

Health care; General

English (EN)pit

A recessed area found on the surface of a tooth, usually where the grooves of the tooth meet.

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)凹;窩


Health care; General

English (EN)ejaculation

The sudden ejection of semen from the male body. Climax.

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)射精


Health care; General

English (EN)prevalence

The number of cases of disease, infected persons, or persons with some other attribute, present at a particular time and in relation to the size of the population from which drawn. It can be a measurement of morbidity at a moment in time, e.g., the number of ...

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)流行程度

從該繪製的疾病的情況下,感染者,或者與其他一些屬性,本在特定的時間和相對於人口規模的數目。 它可以是發病率的測量在某一時刻,如血友病病例的國家數為第一年的。

Health care; General

English (EN)velvet

Closely woven short pile fabric, soft and rich to touch.

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)天鵝絨


Textiles; Fabric

English (EN)creatinine

A proteinlike substance manufactured by your muscles (but also found in some meats) that has been found to increase athletic performance and delay fatigue. Gives the muscles strength and a greater ability to do high-intensity exercise such as sprinting. Also ...

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)肌酸酐

一種 proteinlike 的物質製造的你的肌肉 (但也發現一些肉類) 被認為以提高性能和延遲運動性疲勞。 能給肌肉力量和更大的能力做高強度練習短跑。 也有助於緩衝乳酸積累在高強度的運動。

Fitness; Workouts