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Terms and text shown below represent Shin-Ru’s contributions to TermWiki.com, a free terminology website and knowledge resource for the translation community.

English (EN)mechanically separated

The process of de-boning and separating poultry meat from the carcass by means of a high pressure machine.

Chinese, Simplified (ZS)机械分离


Meat products; Poultry

English (EN)undergrade

Edible shell eggs that do not meet the requirements (standards) for Grade AA, Grade A, Grade B, or Checks.

Chinese, Simplified (ZS)次级

不符合AA 级 (标准)的食用鸡蛋,是 A 级、 B 级或有裂痕。

Meat products; Poultry

English (EN)Waterless Cooking

Only a small amount of liquid is used. Food cooks by constant formation of steam rather than boiling.

Chinese, Simplified (ZS)无水做饭


Kitchen & dining; Cooking tools

English (EN)clotted cream

Or clabbered creme. A type of thick cream with a yellowish crust from the English counties of Devon and Cornwall. Clotted cream is an essential ingredient of a cream tea . It contains an average fat content of 63% (the minimum is 55%) and is produced by ...

Chinese, Simplified (ZS)凝结的奶油

或 clabbered 的奶油。来自英国的德文郡和康沃尔郡县的一种有淡黄色外表的浓稠奶油。凝结的奶油是奶油茶的重要组成部分。它包含63%的平均脂肪含量(最小值为55%),并且透过双重蒸锅煮全脂牛奶所产生。在法国被叫做creme fraiche,在斯堪的纳维亚半岛是racreme ,并在英国和美国被称为凝乳霜。 ("clabber"是古字的橱或柜)。 ...

Dairy products; Butter

English (EN)eyebrow

The eyebrow is used as a term to describe the arch of feathers growing overtop the bony arch of each eye in the same approximate location as the human eye brow. It is also called supercilium or superciliary line.

Chinese, Simplified (ZS)

眉毛是一个术语,是用来描述那些长在每只眼睛骨头突出的拱起部分上部的羽毛,这羽毛长在跟人眼眉毛近似位置。它也被称为 supercilium 或眉线 。

Animals; Birds

English (EN)Blackthroat

The Blackthroat (Luscinia obscura) is a passerine bird found in China and Thailand.

Chinese, Simplified (ZS)Blackthroat

Blackthroat (Luscinia obscura)是雀形目鸟,可在中国和泰国找到。

Animals; Birds

English (EN)income

This term is usually reserved for money received by an individual, whether earned through work or unearned through dividends, interest and so on.

Chinese, Simplified (ZS)收入


Business administration; Business management

English (EN)crisp-tender

A term that describes the state of vegetables that have been cooked until just tender but still somewhat crunchy. At this stage, a fork can be inserted with a little pressure.

Chinese, Simplified (ZS)脆嫩


Culinary arts; Cooking

English (EN)tachnid fly

This fly has a metallic silver head and brown eyes. The body is a glossy metallic blue green, with bronze tinge towards end of abdomen.

Chinese, Simplified (ZS)寄蝇蒼蠅


Animals; Insects

English (EN)autoclave

A machine used to sterilize medical utensils and some hair removal devices.

Chinese, Simplified (ZS)高压釜


Consumer services; Hair salons