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Terms and text shown below represent Shin-Ru’s contributions to TermWiki.com, a free terminology website and knowledge resource for the translation community.

English (EN)abdomen

The hindmost of the three main body divisions of an insect.

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)腹部


Animals; Insects

English (EN)complementary and alternative medicine (CAM)

CAM emphasizes the body's ability to heal itself by using herbs, physical manipulation, the spirit, and the mind. Some examples of CAM that can be used during pregnancy include: acupuncture, acupressure, biofeedback, chiropractic medicine, massage, ...

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)補充和替代醫學(CAM)

CAM強調身體的利用草藥,物理處理,精神,心靈自愈能力。 CAM,可以在懷孕期間使用的一些例子包括:針灸,推拿,生物反饋,整脊,按摩,水療,催眠。

Parenting; Pregnancy

English (EN)intergrading

The merging of characteristics of two populations where their ranges come into contact

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)過渡性


Zoology; Zoological terms

English (EN)wealth

An inclusive term encompassing all of a person's material assets, including land and other types of property.

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)財富


Sociology; General sociology

English (EN)Margaret Thatcher

Born Margaret Hilda Thatcher née Roberts, Baroness Thatcher, LG, OM, PC, FRS (13 October 1925), a former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1979-1990). She studied chemistry at Somerville College, Oxford before qualifying as a barrister. She was appointed ...

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)瑪格麗特·撒切爾

瑪格麗特出生希爾達·撒切爾姓羅伯茨,撒切爾夫人,LG,OM,PC,FRS(1925年10月13日),一位前英國首相(1979-1990)。 她有資格作為一個大律師研究過化學在牛津大學薩默維爾學院。 她被任命為教育和科學部長在1970年的政府。 1975年,她成為保守黨領袖的第一位女性領導英國主要政黨,隨後英國歷史上第一位女總理。 她的政治理念和經濟政策特別強調了金融業,靈活的勞動力市場,並出售或關閉國有企業和撤銷補貼給別人的放鬆管制。 撒切爾夫人的人氣沉沒之際的經濟衰退和高失業率,儘管經濟復甦,1982年的馬島戰爭 ...

People; Politicians

English (EN)onlay

A cast gold or porcelain filling that covers one or all of the tooth's cusps.

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)鑲上(鑲嵌物)


Health care; General

English (EN)formulary exclusion list

This is a list of prescription drugs not covered by a health plan. It applies to closed formulary plans. If a member needs a drug on this list, the doctor must ask the plan to cover it as an exception. The plan will only do so if use is medically necessary.

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)處方排除列表

這是不包括健康計劃的處方藥名單。 它適用於封閉處方計劃。 如果會員需要這個名單上的藥物,醫生要問的計劃,以涵蓋它作為一個例外。 該計劃將只有這樣做,如果使用的是醫療必需的。

Health care; General

English (EN)pressure gradient

The amount of pressure change that occurs over a fixed distance at a fixed altitude.

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)壓力梯度


Weather; General weather

English (EN)geophysics

The study of the earth and its physical properties.

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)地球物理學


Physics; Geophysics

English (EN)merchant

One whose occupation is the wholesale purchase and retail sale of goods for profit. One who runs a retail business

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)商人

其中一個其職業是利潤的商品零售與批發購買。 一位經營零售業務

Tourism & hospitality; Travel services