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Terms and text shown below represent Shin-Ru’s contributions to TermWiki.com, a free terminology website and knowledge resource for the translation community.

English (EN)adamite

Member of a heretical religious current that sought to return mankind to Adam's original state in paradise.

Chinese, Simplified (ZS)亚当后裔


History; Medieval

English (EN)fried sandwich

A sandwich that is battered and fried. Any sandwich can be fried, but peanut butter sandwiches are a popular choice.

Chinese, Simplified (ZS)油炸的三明治


Snack foods; Sandwiches

English (EN)stock

The strained clear liquid in which meat, poultry, or fish has been simmered with vegetables or herbs. It is similar to broth but is richer and more concentrated. Stock and broth can be used interchangeably; reconstituted bouillon can also be substituted for ...

Chinese, Simplified (ZS)汤汁

被过滤的无色液体,其中,肉类、 家禽或鱼跟蔬菜、草药在一起被炖煮。它类似于肉汤但比肉汤更丰富、 更浓缩。汤汁和肉汤可互换;加水后的肉汤块也可以代替汤汁。

Culinary arts; Cooking

English (EN)shawl

A square, oblong or triangular piece of material worn around the head or shoulders in place of a cot or hat; or a blanket that is wrapped around a baby.

Chinese, Simplified (ZS)披肩

一块方形、 长方形或三角形的布料,包裹在婴儿的头或肩上,来代替小床或帽子或毯子。

Apparel; Accessories

English (EN)Napoleon

The Napoleon is a breed of dwarf cat that is named after Napoleon. It is a short-legged cat that is closely related to the Munchkin.

Chinese, Simplified (ZS)拿破仑


Animals; Cats

English (EN)waiting in the wings

If someone is waiting in the wings, or in the wings, they are in the background, but nearby, ready to act on short notice.

Chinese, Simplified (ZS)伺机而动


Language; Idioms

English (EN)stray

A domestic cat with no home or owner.

Chinese, Simplified (ZS)流浪


Animals; Cats

English (EN)palmaris longus muscle

A small tendon between the flexor carpi radialis and the flexor carpi ulnaris, although it is not always present. The muscle is absent in about 14 percent of the population, however this varies greatly with ethnicity. Absence of palmaris does not have any ...

Chinese, Simplified (ZS)掌长肌肌

桡侧屈腕和尺侧腕屈肌之间的小肌腱,尽管不是每个人都有。 14%的人口没有这块肌肉,但是种族跟种族之间在这差别很大。没有掌长肌对握力并没有任何已知的影响。

Anatomy; Muscular

English (EN)skimming

using a machine to remove oil or scum from the surface of the water.

Chinese, Simplified (ZS)撇取浮沫


Natural environment; Water

English (EN)filter fixer

Part of a portable air conditioner which fixes or holds the active carbon filter to the filter frame .

Chinese, Simplified (ZS)筛选器定影液


Household appliances; Air conditioners