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viviennecw’s Selected Translation Work

Terms and text shown below represent viviennecw’s contributions to TermWiki.com, a free terminology website and knowledge resource for the translation community.

English (EN)homophonic

Texture with principal melody and accompanying harmony, as distinct from polyphony.

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)主音音樂


Music; General music

English (EN)piano quintet

Standard chamber ensemble of piano with two violins, viola and cello.

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)鋼琴五重奏


Music; General music

English (EN)good morning

Good morning denotes a ‎conventionally used expression of greeting when two people or more ‎meet during the day ‎time.‎

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)早安


Culture; People

English (EN)tonic chord

Triad built on the first scale tone, the I chord.

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)主和弦

建立在音階第一音的三和弦, 又稱為一級和弦

Music; General music

English (EN)Lied

German for "song"; most commonly associated with the solo art song of the nineteenth century, usually accompanied by piano.

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)德國藝術歌曲


Music; General music

English (EN)semitone

Also known as a half step, the smallest interval commonly used in the Western musical system.

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)半音

是西方音樂體系最小的音程, 又稱為小二度

Music; General music

English (EN)sonata

Instrumental genre in several movements for soloist or small ensemble.

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)奏鳴曲

一種有好幾個樂章的獨奏或合奏的 器樂曲

Music; General music

English (EN)toccata

A piece for keyboard, usually technically demanding, intended as a display for virtuosity.

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)展技曲


Music; Classical

English (EN)single

Denotes an unmarried male or female of marriageable age.

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)單身


Culture; People

English (EN)modulation

The process of changing from one key to another.

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)轉調


Music; General music