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viviennecw’s Selected Translation Work

Terms and text shown below represent viviennecw’s contributions to TermWiki.com, a free terminology website and knowledge resource for the translation community.

English (EN)viola

Bowed-string instrument of middle range; the second-highest member of the violin family.

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)中提琴

一種中音域的拉弦樂器; 是提琴家族第二高音的樂器

Music; General music

English (EN)a cappella

Choral music performed without instrumental accompaniment.

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)無伴奏合唱曲


Music; General music

English (EN)unison

Interval between two notes of the same pitch; the simultaneous playing of the same note.

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)齊奏(唱)

兩個音有相同的音高; 同時演奏(唱)兩個相同的音

Music; General music

English (EN)symphony

Large work for orchestra, generally in three or four movements.

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)交響曲


Music; General music

English (EN)sforzando

A sudden stress or accent on a single note or chord, indicated in the musical score by the marking "sf" or "sfz".

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)突強

突然很強地彈奏一個音或一個和弦, 樂譜上的標示為\"sf\" 或 \"sfz\"

Music; General music

English (EN)gospel music

Twentieth century sacred music style associated with Protestant African-Americans.

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)黑人靈歌


Music; General music

English (EN)nocturne

Night piece; common in the nineteenth century, often for piano.

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)夜曲


Music; General music

English (EN)modulation

The process of changing from one key to another.

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)轉調


Music; General music

English (EN)good morning

Good morning denotes a ‎conventionally used expression of greeting when two people or more ‎meet during the day ‎time.‎

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)早安


Culture; People

English (EN)pipa

A Chinese lute with four silk strings; played as solo and ensemble instrument.

Chinese, Traditional (ZT)琵琶


Music; General music