Ramona Vlai

Timisoara, Romania

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Terms and text shown below represent Ramona’s contributions to TermWiki.com, a free terminology website and knowledge resource for the translation community.

English (EN)watteau

Train that is attached at the shoulders, rather than at the waist, of the gown.

Romanian (RO)Watteau

Trena care este atasata la umerii rochiei, si nu in talie.

Weddings; Wedding gowns

English (EN)T-shirt sleeves

The sleeves look like those on your T-shirt. This would probably suit brides who wish to cover their arms, but don\'t want to wear long sleeves, so if you are self conscious about baring your upper arms - T-Shirt sleeves are for you!

Romanian (RO)Maneca tip tricou

Manecile arata ca cele ale unui tricou si avantajeaza miresele care doresc sa-si acopere bratele, dar nu vor sa poarte maneca lunga.

Weddings; Wedding gowns

English (EN)singultus


Romanian (RO)singultus



English (EN)detached train

Joined to the gown with hooks and eyes or velcro.  Usually full at top.

Romanian (RO)trena detasabila

Se ataseaza la rochie prin sistemul mos si baba sau prin scai. De obicei, este bufanta in partea de sus.

Weddings; Wedding gowns

English (EN)Latency

Latency is a measure of time delay in a computer or other systems.

Romanian (RO)latenta

Intarzierea care are loc in momentul trimiterii unei informatii de la transmitator la destinatar.

Computer; Laptops

English (EN)tardive

marked by lateness, late; said of a disease in which the characteristic lesion is late in appearing.

Romanian (RO)tardiv

Caracterizat de întârziere, cu întârziere; caracteristic unei boli in care leziunea principala apare cu întârziere.


English (EN)raised waistline

Approximately 1 inch above the natural waistline.

Romanian (RO)talie ridicata

Talie aflata la aproximativ 1 inch deasupra taliei naturale.

Weddings; Wedding gowns

English (EN)empire

Distinguished by a high waist, hitting just below the bust. The empire styling elongates the body, minimizes pear-shaped figures and can conceal a disproportionately large or small bust.

Romanian (RO)empire

Se diferentiaza printr-o talie inalta, aflata chiar sub bust. Stilul empire lungeste corpul, minimizeaza silueta in forma de para si poate ascunde un bust extrem de voluminos, sau unul foarte plat.

Weddings; Wedding gowns

English (EN)dilantin

A drug sometimes linked to excess hair growth.

Romanian (RO)dilatin

Medicament asociat uneori cu cresterea excesiva a pilozitatii.

Consumer services; Hair salons

English (EN)scoop neckline

A rounded, low neckline, dipping from the shoulders to just above the bustline.

Romanian (RO)răscroială in U

Un decolteu rotunjit, redus, coborand din umeri pana putin deasupra bustului.

Weddings; Wedding gowns